• Toughened/Tempered Glass

    Toughened/Tempered Glass

    Oman TUFF is thermally Toughened Safety Glass, a product of Galaxy Glass Products. Toughened glass is also known as tempered glass.
  • Insulated Glass Unit’s or Double Glazed Units

    Insulated Glass Unit’s or Double Glazed Units

    Insulated glass units (IGU’s) or double glazed units are a significantly more energy efficient glazing system than single glazed windows. Double-Glazed-Glass-BigIt is estimated that up to 30% of heat entering the home and up to 50% of winter heat loss is a result from the use of single glazing.
  • Ceramic Frit Glasses

    Ceramic Frit Glasses

    Architectural creations in glass would not be so attractive without colour. Besides having a protective function, the possibility of CERAMIC-PRINTED-GLASS colouring and printing glass opens up new dimensions in creativity to the architect.
Committed to excellence in its performance, with an initial investment of 25Cr, our company,
GALAXY GLASS PRODUCTS PVT LTD. commenced its operation in Chennai, India in the year 2007.


Our Features
Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

We  work with leading providers to give you access to the most advanced technology, personalised to your needs.


Our comprehensive and innovative range of Glass Products is targeted to market leaders.


We committed to delivering products and services to our customers on time and on cost with the highest quality.


We continuously improve the quality of our products, processes, services and staff based on industry standards.
Our Products
Why Choose Us
Our glass processing unit is an ultra-modern one equipped with brand new state of art machinery sourced from international manufacturers who are world-leaders in particular type of machinery.

Our Vision
Our vision is to give a new dimension to the glass industry in India and our motto is to give an added depth to the meaning of the terms quality, reliability, service and integrity

Our Mission
To make value Contribution and Satisfaction to all customers

Our Machinery
Here are a few good reasons why we think we're a great choice for your requirement:

  • Cutting line. Lisec, Austria.
  • CNC Grinding. Glaston Bavelloni, Italy.
  • CNC Drilling & Milling machine.Forvet, Italy.
  • Washing Machine.Triulzi, Italy.
  • Tempering. Tamglass, Finland.
  • Double Glazing Unit. Lisec, Austria.
  • Ceramic Printing machine. WPM, china.
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